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depend on的用法

2019-06-12 15:43:56文/刘美娟

depend on的用法:depend on+某人或某物;depend on+某人或某物+不定式或动名词;depend on+从句等。

depend on的用法

1.depend on+某人或某物

Whether we’ll go camping depends on the weather. 咱们能否去野营要看气候。

I haven’t got a car, so I have to depend on the buses. 我没有汽车,所以我得乘群众汽车。

有意偶尔可在某人或某物后用介词 for。如:

We depend on the radio for news. 咱们靠收音机听音讯。

Children depend on their parents for food and clothing. 儿童的衣食靠怙恃。

2. depend on+某人或某物+不定式或动名词

I’m depending on you to do the work. 我希望你做这变乱。

You can never depend on him [his] arriving on time. 你决不能希望他能准时抵达。

You can’t depend on the train arriving on time. 万万不要以为火车能误点抵达。

3. depend on+从句

Our success depends on whether everyone works hard ornot. 咱们的乐成取决于每团体私人能否快乐。

The amount you pay depends on where you live. 你付若干钱要看你住什么中央。

在 It (all) depends on+从句中,介词 on, upon 有意偶尔可省略(重要见于文言中)。如:

It all depends how you do it. 那要看你如何办。

It depends (on) whether you can afford it. 这要看你能否买得起。

注:depend on 后不接 that-从句(此时须用 it)。如:

You may depend on it that he will join our club. /You may

depend on him to join our club. 你可以希望他介入咱们的俱乐部。


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